About Us

Saddlery Supplies is a shop front as well as a online shop. We established in 2007.

We believe in keeping things simple and go back to the basics.

Saddlery Supplies is supported by good wholesalers in Australia who supply either manufactured or imported into Australia.

This gives us a variety of horse goods. We have some unique products with the Aussie style, and old stockman tradition from the yester year. As this country has done many times over, which is able to change and adapt to weather conditions and social advancements.

The horse industry is no stranger to this, always improving and advancing. Helping to create that ingrained love, loyalty and bond to the horse. This proving the dedication of the horse persons to looking after, working with and training or playing with the wonderful animal the horse.

That is why we are here. Trying to give you the best products available, from the basics to the more advanced, with a balanced approach to prices, keeping in mind fairness at all times. We offer the a whole variety of products for the horse industry. This is able to happen due to our good relationship with our wholesalers within Australia. We are a great believer in supporting Wholesalers within  Australia helping to keep the economy and jobs in Australia.

 So please enjoy and browse, if you like it you are welcome to buy the products online and come and visit our shop in Warwick Queensland Australia.

 Kind Regards Saddlery Supplies