Alpaca Rug

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Keep them warm this winter! Great for ailing or old alpacas to keep them warm.

Returns Policy :

If you have chosen the wrong size?

If the rug has been on the alpaca we are unable to have them returned back.

They must be in original condition and clean, no dirt or hair and not have been on the alpaca with original label and packaging. As we are unable to resell this due to disease, infections, pests, fleas, ticks, animal health hygiene and welfare of alpaca. We have the same rules with horse rugs. As this has been introduced here in Qld when the horse Equine Flu broke out in 2007.
If they come back and are not in a fit state to resell we have the right to reject the return and will send the rug or rugs back in your prepaid bag.
A prepaid bag must be enclosed to fit the alpaca.

Additional information

Weight .57 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 5 cm