Clovely Hoofcare




Before using this product.    4 months after using this product.

Made by Clovely Horsecare Products

This is an Old Fashioned drug free remedies for Wounds & Hoofcare that really Works!

Recommended highly by farriers and horse  breeders who use this hoof dressing exclusively due to its excellent results.

No matter how well fed or groomed a horse is, they are no value for work or pleasure if their feet are not sound.

Things to know about Clovely Hoofcare –
1.  Drug free and all natural ingredients
2.  Fixes Seedy Toe
3.  Grows out foundered and quartered hooves
4.  Conditions and eliminates cracks in hooves
5.  Easy to use – only requires once a week application.comes in a 500g tinInstructions1.  Open and give ingredients a good stir.
2.  Use a small paint brush and cover entire hoof twice a week for the first two weeks.
3.  After this, once a week is all that is required.  No need to clean brush.

Additional information

Weight .550 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm