Showmaster Grooming Gloves


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 Reach professional excellence in grooming by bonding with your animal with two handed tactile gloves.
• These gloves provide a deep down grooming experience, even on the thickest of coats.
• You can use these on wet or dry coats, perfect for washing your horse or dog.
• After using these you will throw all your old tools away!
• Easily handle bottles, lead ropes, and leashes – with gloves on.
• Covered hands mean clean hands… and no dirty fingernails!

• Sold in pairs.

• Use wet or dry
• Scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms
• Shedding tool that easily releases hair
• Massages and stimulates circulation
• Distributes natural oils for healthy skin and gleaming coat
• Tactile – gently cleans faces, legs and narrow body contours
• Versatile grip enables hand use while grooming


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