FILTA-BAC – Sunfilter & Anti-Bacterial cream


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Filta-Bac is an antibacterial, antiseptic and wound protectant cream with sun filter.

For use on horses, dogs, cattle, sheep and goats.


It provides effective protection against sun for sensitive or damaged skin, as well as anti-bacterial activity for wounds and skin conditions.

Use Filta-Bac   when required to treat the following conditions;
Sun filter: When required, apply a thin layer of FILTA-BAC to exposed skin for up to 3 times a day.
Anti-bacterial and antiseptic: Apply a covering layer of FILTA-BAC  to damaged skin areas at least daily until healed.

For dairy animals with teat and udder sores, apply FILTA-BAC immediately after milking and remove any remaining FILTA-BAC before next milking by bathing area with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well.

Wound protection: First clean the affected areas by removing any excess dirt and serum with an antiseptic solution or mild soap and warm water. Then apply a covering layer of FILTA-BAC, at least once daily until healed.

If the condition fails to respond to treatment, seek veterinary advice.

In the case of an allergic skin reaction cease application and wash area with warm water and mild soap.

For animals with renal failure avoid frequent daily applications of FILTA-BAC over large areas of the body. Apply to dairy animals after milking.

  • COMPOSITION ; Each g contains:

    Zinc oxide 80 mg,
    Cetrimide 3 mg and
    Benzalkonium chloride 0.8 mg.

  • Titanium dioxide 140 mg,

SIZES: 120g, Tube and 500g Tub.

Also available FILTA-CLEAR

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