GE-WY Leather Dressing


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Made in Australia

GE-WY is back

‘The best friend leather ever had for saddlery & leather goods’ as quoted on the can

A Wyatt Invention 1945


GE-WY is unsurpassed in softening, preserving and water-proofing all leather goods including saddlery, harness, footwear, garments,, belts, gloves, bags, briefcases, footballs, leather upholstery and furniture. The natural products in GE-WY will not weaken of affect stitching.

Apply a light coat of GE-WY with a soft cloth, allow to stand for GE-WY to penetrate the leather the leather. For a quicker penetration, pre-heat the leather article in the sun. Polish off with a soft cloth. For old and dry leather, repeat application until soft and pliable.’

As quoted on the tin

sizes available  430g, 840g

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