NATURE’S BOTANICAL- Natural Rosemary & Cedarwood Oils in a Creme


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Nature’s Botanical Rosemary & Cedarwood Oils In A Natural Creme

Nature’s Botanical Products come in two forms, a Crème and a Lotion. Both use Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils, the safety and properties of which are well documented and have been known and used by humans since the time of the Pharaohs.

Nature’s Botanical Crème

A soft white creamy appearance and feel, Nature’s Botanical Crème has the texture of a high end moisturiser and a pleasant aromatic odour reminiscent of its essential oil base.  When the Crème is rubbed into the skin it becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.

It certainly is a unique product and is Nature’s Botanical best seller with customers throughout the years being extremely pleased with the results.

This has to be one of the most effective products around and has gained cult status amongst bushies and holidaymakers alike! And it is not only these – anyone who spends time outside appreciates it: golfers, shooters, walkers, in fact, people from every walk of life.

The creme is made from Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils in an olive oil base.

The essential oils of rosemary and cedarwood are widely documented for effectiveness and safety.

Please note that products containing rosemary or cedarwood should not be used on children under 3 years of age. Pregnant women should also avoid using them.

The Nature’s Botanical creme comes in 4 sizes ranging from the super convenient 50 gram to the jumbo economical 1kg size

Sizes available : 50g, 100g, 250g, 1kg


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