Rope Headstall 6mm Yatching Rope -Nungar Knots 2 colours


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The Knotted Yachting rope Headstalls are constructed from double braided polyester yachting rope inĀ  6mm diameter rope.

It is strong and durable and yet soft and supple so it is comfortable for both horse and trainer.

Nungar Knots we use only the highest quality materials in the construction of all our products. The craftsmen at Nungar Knots take pride in every item that they make, ensuring only the highest quality products are sold.

There is a wide range of colour options to choose from right across the range of products. Colour matching your gear for each horse is easy even if you have a few!


In the construction of lead ropes and reins with clips, only true double braid eye splices are used. This enhances the quality and strength of the product because the core remains in place within the rope sheath.

These very high quality headstalls are manufactured to strict guide lines to assure the high quality standard of materials and craftsmanship are maintained as with all the Nungar Knots range.

The main feature of the Nungar Knots range of headstalls is the mechanically tightened Fiador knot ( knot under the chin) to reduce the risk of loosening.

Available sizes: Mini, Foal, Pony, Arab, Cob, Full, Draft

We may not always have in stock in due to being a walk in shop as well as on line, but are able to source more in a short time.

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