Shear Magic® Tuffy 1800 Clipper


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Shear Magic® Tuffy 1800 Medium / heavy duty ClipperThis clipper/trimmer has been designed to do an all-round clipping jobs on dogs,cats and trimming jobs on horses and cattle.

It has a  powerful 30 watt motor that allows you to clip your animals for long periods of time, without having to let the clipper cool down.

The quiet operation helps to eases the  fears of the animal being clipped.  The unit weighs only 600g, making it easy to handle.  The clipper blades are snap ON and OFF for easy removal and cleaning.

Wide range of blades are available.

Compatible with Oster A5 and Shear Magic Ceramic type blade sets.

Comes with a detachable A5 style blade size 10, oil, and cleaning brush, in a case.


Blades to suit this clipper:

Oster A5 Detachable  Blades

Shear Magic   Detachable Blades

Shear Magic Ceramic  Detachable Blades

Thrive Detachable Blades

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Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 20 cm